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Stickers Vinyl

Similar to our gloss or white paper, white vinyl stickers are one of the most popular choices for our clients. This product is used everywhere from freezers to fashion. Our standard vinyl stock is polypropylene and we can complete your stickers with matt lamination, gloss lamination and gloss varnish (UV coating) finishes. We have digital printing now which is a much a faster process than offset, so no job is too small. If you only want 1 sticker printed then we can absolutely make that happen.


Vinyl Sticker Description

If you require high quality custom vinyl sticker printing ? the choice is obvious ? book your job with us today! We?re the best in Brisbane.

The trick to a quality product is in the vinyl sticker printer paper used at Custom Printing. Actual vinyl stickers, not labels or a cheap inferior product.

Similar to our gloss or white paper, white vinyl stickers are one of the most popular choices for our clients. This product is used everywhere from freezers to fashion. We have digital printing now which is a much a faster process than offset, so no job is too small. If you only want 1 sticker printed then we can absolutely make that happen.

Cheap vinyl sticker printing is our specialty. These stickers are the all-rounders among our products. Processed with solvent inks, they are weatherproof and UV resistant. They are perfect on cars, windows, poles, and buildings or anywhere else outside, you want your brand to be seen.

Our bumper and custom car stickers are extremely durable for all weather conditions and we guarantee they will last for up to 2 years, minimum. Our Adhesive Vinyl Floor Graphics are perfect for short term promotions.

Depending on what you put them through, our products could even last for much longer without any fading! Car sticker printing is a great way to add a bit of one-of-a-kind flair to your vehicle or property. Our small vinyl stickers at Custom Printing Service are water resistant and freezer grade. Used for labelling on cosmetic products, bottles and refrigerated goods. Our small vinyl stickers are printed in rich, full colour to make sure your artwork stands out and looks vibrant.

Order Online

You can order online vinyl stickers from our webpage These high-strength vinyl stickers can be used for anything from car decals to window decorations! They are weatherproof and tear-resistant, suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use. An easy peel-and-stick application can be used on a variety of surfaces like painted wood, plastic, metal, steel and glass. Ordering vinyl stickers online is a breeze with Custom Printing Service where no order is too small for us, thanks to our new digital printing option.

With our huge range of vinyl stickers printing in the factory, Custom Printing Service is your one stop shop. Huge Range, Low Prices. Give Custom Printing Service a call. We would be delighted to assist you with amazing vinyl stickers ready to go ? low prices, a massive range of designs from our rather brilliant inhouse designers and fast delivery. Use our easy-peasy online ordering or call us direct on 07 3399 7878.

Waterproof Vinyl Stickers

Waterproof stickers from Custom Printing Service withstand exposure from rain, snow, sunlight and more. Our stickers are printed on premium vinyl with a permanent adhesive and are coated with a protective laminate that makes them durable and resistant to fading, scratching, tearing, and water.

At Custom Printing Service the industrial strength adhesives used for our waterproof vinyl stickers differ to those used on standard labeling stocks and are guaranteed to cope with all types of harsh environments.

Custom Designs

Custom clear vinyl stickers are great for window signage, events, product labels, or just for fun! Clear Stickers offer a premium and unique look that is sure to make your designs stand-out! Want white text or graphics? No problem! Our clear vinyl stickers are printed white ink on clear vinyl material. When it comes time to change up your labels, they are easy to remove, leaving no messy residue behind.

It is possible to produce white colour on transparent surfaces, by adding an extra process. When using the transparent stickers on a dark background, the colours do not stand out due to the transparent nature of our vinyl labels stock. In this case, we recommend the white colour process to be done underneath the actual colours. This is to avoid the severe transparency of the colours when printed. If you are a little unsure get in touch and we can make everything clear and transparent at Custom Printing ? literally!

We specialise in full colour, vinyl sticker printing. You can order Ultra High Quality cheap custom stickers in many sizes. Order your Custom made stickers online today. We have got loads of vinyl stickers printing. Our happy customers are delighted that they look amazing. See for yourself, we think that you will agree.


More Information

We will cut your stickers to the size you choose with our state of the art printers and cutters. Most stickers are perfectly fine printed in sheets that you just peel the stickers off of. So if you have any ideas for stickers, then let us know and we can print them for you! They make great presents and are fantastic for parties or events.

We also offer a large range of pre-cut stickers, as well as custom sizes and specific shapes that you may want (so you can make a ton of dinosaur stickers, shaped like dinosaurs).

For the more mature, use them as labels, seals for bags, or just general promotion.

With Vinyl Stickers you have an array of different logos, cartoons and designs. Individuals that opt for using Vinyl Stickers do so, to showcase their choices and taste. For instance, individuals who support the AFL's Hawthorn's Hawks will be seen displaying the team's logo on their cars with Vinyl Stickers.

The purpose of these stickers is to market what the individual is trying to promote.

Organisations that host exhibitions, trade show, or are launching a new service or product, use customised vinyl stickers to advertise the event. Vinyl Banners are utilised as temporary retail signage, companies employ them to create a strong presence within the market, they augment business visibility and companies even use them as displays for Point of Purchase. Many companies have now realised that with the help of Vinyl Stickers they can create customer loyalty.

Types of Vinyl Stickers

Design your own Vinyl Stickers with custom logos and artwork. Choose from three different finishes and materials:

We will make vinyl stickers from any customised design, artwork or logo. We print in three different materials and finishing:

Permanent Gloss: With a permanent adhesive back, this vinyl sticker comes with a glossy finish.
Permanent Matt: With an ever lasting epoxy resin back, this vinyl sticker comes with a non-shiny finish.
Removable Gloss: Similar to permanent gloss, however this vinyl sticker can easily be removed.
Vinyl stickers are even offered in various printing options, you can go for the full colour range or the spot colour printing. The colour options available for you to print on are white, silver, gloss transparent and even gold. According, to your design measurements will the vinyl sticker be printed.

What We Offer at Custom Printing

We at Custom Printing Services not only do we design vinyl stickers, but we have collection of bumper stickers, window stickers, and even car stickers. Our Stickers are designed with waterproof material, is highly durable and is even scratch resistant. Our stickers are printed with eco-friendly solvent and we make sure that our customers receive dazzler prints. There?s even a laminating option we provide, so that your sticker design can last for yonks.

At Custom Printing we use the best software for editing and designing images.

Tips on How to Create Attractive Vinyl Stickers

At 300 dots per inch you can create your own artwork or design. Remember the better the pixels are, the finer your design or artwork will be.
Make your Fonts easily readable.
To create pretty spiffy stickers, use the contrast of various colours when designing you vinyl sticker.
Get Maximum Value from Vinyl Sticker Printing

In addition to choosing long lasting printing substrates, there are several other things to consider if you want to make the most out of your sticker advertising campaigns. At Custom Printing Services, we make the effort to inform our customers so that they can make an informed, cost-effective buying decision. With that in mind, below are some guidelines that will help you get the most value when promoting your business with vinyl stickers.

Boost Longevity of Vinyl Stickers

While vinyl is waterproof, resilient and tough, it is possible to boost the life span of your stickers even more. Simply order vinyl stickers printed with a protective coating. If your promotional image is printed on vinyl finished with a gloss laminate, it will not only survive longer in inclement weather but also it will also look brighter and more appealing for longer.

More Reasons for Choosing Vinyl Stickers

Besides being resistant to humidity, moisture and water, vinyl stickers also will not tear as easily as paper labels. Being far more durable they do not require frequent replacement: this means you will save on advertising costs.

Vinyl stickers also allow for fast and easy application. For instance, the adhesive pre-cut vinyl stickers from Custom Printing Services are produced on a waxed-paper backing: they are easy to peel and then stick onto the application surface. This eliminates the need for application transfer tape or static cling. Unlike using wet paint, you also do not have to wait for marketing signage to dry after applying promotional vinyl stickers: they start working immediately. Because of this ease of use vinyl labels cut down on professional costs by providing a DIY alternative for decorating or marketing your storefront.

Vinyl stickers are available in a huge range of shapes and sizes. You can come up with creative images, lettering or artwork for your stickers and have them cut out in eccentric shapes that will be noticed. This makes it possible to create everything from attractive tiny logos to larger window stickers for retail shops. Custom Printing Services can work side-by-side with you to create the perfect sticker design for your storefront.

Creative Ways to Use Vinyl Stickers for Business Promotion

Vinyl stickers have a great many varied uses: they make good logos for pin-back badges, warranty seals, equipment stickers, even laptop or PC labels.

Stickers have become popular in advertising for two main reasons. First, they offer a cost-effective way to promote a brand. Secondly, they leave a lasting impression, especially stickers that grab attention of the target audience.
Whether you run a small or large business, there are many ways to make use of vinyl stickers in advertising. Here are a few ideas you may find worth exploring.

#1: Vinyl Vehicle Labels and Bumper Stickers

Die-cut vinyl stickers are useful for businesses that want to leverage mobile advertising. If your company staff spend a lot of time travelling, consider how many people will see your business vehicle every day. Choosing to attach bumper stickers, decals or vinyl labels to a car will increase visibility of your brand while your company vehicles go about their daily business. Vinyl stickers can effectively display the contact details of your business. Alternatively, consider printing eye-catching artwork that promotes a certain service or product line your business offers.

#2: Vinyl Window Stickers

Do you have a restaurant, boutique, retail shop or any other kind of storefront? Cut vinyl signs are an easy and affordable way to advertise your business. You can get quite creative when designing vinyl stickers for your storefront. For instance, reverse lettering is a common design trend, which allows you to stick decals on the inside of a storefront window, with the added benefit that the signs will last longer because they are not exposed directly to the elements.

#3: Vinyl Product Labels

Vinyl stickers can also be printed as product labels. This is a good way of branding and decorating consumer goods. With digital printing technology, it is possible to capture lots of valuable information pertaining to a product on a single sticker. This includes details like a company?s contact information, a product?s contents or ingredients, as well as usage instructions. Vinyl works well as a labelling material for a wide range of packaging because it can be cut to any shape and is an inexpensive choice for designing product labels that stand out.

What to Expect From Custom Printing Services Vinyl Stickers

At Custom Printing Services, we work hard to make customers trust and feel confident about our sticker printing services. This begins by using high-quality materials that give stickers a premium finish. Our choice of vinyl stock ensures that all stickers will last long time and continue to look fresh and colourful.

When placing an order for sticker label printing, our online form provides plenty of customisation options. You can choose to go with a gloss finish which provides an additional protective coating. These labels print on coated vinyl that is smooth and shiny and are the best choice when you want to print stickers with vibrant colours or create decals with reflective surfaces. This clear sticker printing technique results in crisp and sharp images and text. Another option is matt coated stickers which work best in situations where lower contrast yet enhanced texture print is desired.

Cheap Sticker Printing

For cheap sticker printing, consider having your vinyl labels cut into sheets. This is much more economical than having stickers cut out individually or finished using vinyl profile cutting.

Are you looking for the most creatively designed stickers Brisbane has to offer? Custom Printing Services can produce die-cut stickers in a wide range of sizes and shapes and if you have unique requirements our print specialists can work with you to come up with the kind of unique vinyl stickers you need.

Unlike other online printing companies that set very high minimum runs to fulfil print orders for stickers, Custom Printing Services accommodates any budget. We offer flexible minimum runs starting from as low as 50 stickers per printed batch. No matter the quantity of stickers ordered, our company promises to deliver printed materials with fast turnaround.

In addition,

our customers do not have to invest in laser cutters because our vinyl stickers are factory finished using a rotary die-cutting machine. This mechanised process allows us to fulfil even large label printing orders with precision and speed.

You get exactly what you want with Custom Printing Services because we can print vinyl stickers directly from your own artwork, but why not get in touch with us today to find the best way to print unique and high quality vinyl stickers.

If you would like to know more about our company please visit our about us page or visit our home page

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