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Premium 150 Gloss Flyers

We are a Brisbane based cheap flyer printing business. Give us a call today on 07 3399 7878 - you won't be disappointed. 

Our quality flyer printing is competitively priced with a fast turnaround time. Our Premium Gloss stock screams professionalism to the reader and yet whispers quietly to your bank account.  Are you looking for an economy flyer option? Look no further than our 115 gsm gloss art stock.

If there are any other options that you require for your flyers that aren't represented here, please don't hesitate to contact us directly for a quote on 07 3399 7878.

There are many ways to spread a message or raise awareness, however most small businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals are on a restrictive budget. Deciding to use flyer printing is an effective solution and is much kinder to a limited budget.

Benefits of Flyers Advertising

It is easy to overlook flyer printing but this direct marketing technique still provides an effective solution. Flyers can present information in a way that does not require an internet connection, laptop or tablet. They can easily be passed from person to person, or be viewed when stuck on fridges and information boards, providing the reader with a permanent record of essential information. For these uses, DL size flyers are loved by many.

  • Reach Your Target Audience Directly
  • Street handouts
  • In-store distribution
  • Door to door mail drop
  • Newspaper inserts
  • Inexpensive to Produce
  • Captivate Prospects Using Creativity
  • Clever marketing
  • Easy to design
  • Measure Your Marketing Impact
  • For example, circulate coupon codes and record how many are activated to track the effectiveness of your flyer marketing

Our cheap flyer printing services enable you to design your own flyers with the help of our experienced staff and then have them quickly printed and delivered to your doorstep. We bring the benefits of our experience to provide useful tips on how to make the most out of any hard-copy material that you publish.

How to Design Effective Flyers

  1. Write a Catchy Headline
  2. Unique Selling Proposition
  3. Easy To Read
  4. Incorporate Colour (much more appealing!)
  5. Simple Yet Creative Outlets
  6. Keep It Simple
  7. Add a Call to Action
  8. Proof Read!

Size Selection Guide

Choice of printing paper size depends on several factors, like the amount and style of content in a flyer, the designer’s budget and desired folding style. Custom Printing Service offers a wide range of options to accommodate different requirements. DL size flyer printing is often stock standard but here is a quick guide to producing a custom flyer for the best value paper size:

A3 size
  • Cumbersome to carry
  • Best used as a display flyer
  • Can provide loads of detail
  • Accordion style
A4 size
  • Most common
  • Can be folded in a half for a 4-sided leaflet
  • Can also be z-folded for a 6-sided leaflet
A5 size
  • Half the size of A4
  • Great for a single page of content
  • Perfect for double sided content
A6 size
  • Pocket size!
  • Small postcard dimensions
  • Easily retained by the reader (to be passed on)
DL size
  • “Dimension Lengthwise”
  • Envelope sized
  • Landscape orientation
  • Double DL size option available

Extra Finishes

  • Performations
  • Coating (gloss/matt)
  • Non-standard materials (linen, cast coat, JPP synthetic, etc.)
  • Double sided printing

Simply design your flyer to your desired style and layout, upload your design, fill out the print customisation options and send us your order at the click of a button. We will print your flyers and have them delivered anywhere in Australia.

Our online print shop not only offers affordable prices for flyer printing, we also offer fast turnarounds. Are you trying to distribute flyers quickly for a last minute, spontaneous event? We can help you meet your deadline with same day flyer printing in Brisbane.

A7 (105x75)25$ 58.08
50$ 59.84
100$ 61.60
150$ 63.36
200$ 65.12
250$ 65.12
300$ 68.64
400$ 75.68
500$ 80.96
1000$ 96.80
2000$ 130.24
2500$ 146.08
3000$ 160.16
4000$ 193.60
5000$ 223.52
6000$ 253.44
7000$ 283.36
7500$ 299.20
8000$ 313.28
9000$ 343.20
10000$ 373.12
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A7 (105x75)25$ 65.12
50$ 68.64
100$ 75.68
150$ 80.96
200$ 88.00
250$ 93.28
300$ 100.32
400$ 112.64
500$ 124.96
1000$ 142.56
2000$ 177.76
2500$ 193.60
3000$ 207.68
4000$ 237.60
5000$ 267.52
6000$ 299.20
7000$ 334.40
7500$ 350.24
8000$ 364.32
9000$ 396.00
10000$ 424.16
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