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"Black Back" constitutes simple black lines for writing. 

"Colour Back" Constitutes lines and/or any other artwork that has colour on the back.

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A Flash card Description

Flash Cards is used usually in kindergarten or school to show some sort of image or word / phrase to help with learning. A card containing a small amount of information, held up for pupils to see, as an aid to learning is a great source of communication between people.

A flash card has multiple uses; it shows images for kids to learn, multiplication sums, line of images to remember (memory games) and more.

Palm Cards

Custom Printing offers a wide variety of flash cards to fit every learning need. Custom Print Flash cards can be printed on both sides and a variety of sizes.

Palm cards are also known by a few different names;

Palm cards, Push cards and Flash cards.

I hope you memorised all those different names. You know what would help? Palm cards.

A card the size of one's hands listing items to be discussed in a speech or presentation, usually in bullet point form.

Push cards

A small, easy access, wallet-sized campaign sign typically given to a potential voter during door-to-door canvassing or at an event.

The only thing cheap about our palm cards is the price
We print campaign push cards in the most common sizes for this type of printing. Please call or email If you would like a different size for your push card so that we can give you a custom price.

Push Cards That Can't Miss

Our high quality commercial printing is second to none. Your photos and graphics will look incredible on our high quality paper. Competitors print on cheaper stock (and charge more to do it) we print on strong 350gsm Silk Stock. You will notice the difference and so will others.

We print hundreds of thousands of push cards per election cycle and we have yet to have a complaint. Every order we ship gets inspected by quality control before it gets put in the box.

Plan Ahead to Order Your Campaign Push Cards

If you are in a hurry we can upgrade you to our fast press and we will guarantee your orders ships out in 3 business days. We recommend that you plan ahead.

No Job Too Small or Too Large

We have the capacity to print millions of cards a day but we still do small orders for grassroots politicians. So if you need 100k push cards or 250 cards- we are here to help you.

If you need design help we have two level of designers available to assist you. Our budget designer service is quick and cheap designing most cards for $40.

Furthermore, if you need anymore information about our products or company please check out our About Us page or give us a call!

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