400 Conqueror Textured White

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Business Card Description - 400 Conqueror Textured White

As a high end luxury stock, the 400 Conqueror Textured White brand has held a strong reputation world wide for its high quality and classic double-lined texture. It's the perfect premium stock for subtle elegance.

Coloured stocks of different types and weights
Classy and unique
Perfect for line art
Stand out from the crowd

With die cutting business cards you can expect to stand out from the crowd. Outlined by a special shape, the surface texture or smooth coating come together to define you and your brand.

Folded Business Card

You can put plenty of extra information on a folded businees card. We can fold it along the short or long edge. These cards are 90 x 55 mm when folded. If you require a different stock or options that are not available on the site then please get in touch with us by phone or through the contact details on the website and we will be more than happy to help you out.

Folded business cards are a great way to present even more information about you and your business in the same size as a standard business card. With both a half-fold option and a tabbed-fold option you can add more content, images, and services to your card and present something that really grabs attention. All folded business cards are scored and shipped flat for easy folding.

Premium Business Card

Our premium business card is printed on 90 x 55 mm on a range of premium stocks and are available in a range of options including;

When something works, why complicate it? Artboard is a tried and tested product ? it is classic, slick and the most common stock for business cards.

At Custom Printing you should only expect high quality business cards that are cost-effective. We really do deliver premium quality business cards in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane: in fact, we can deliver our products Australia wide.

Printing services

Visit us at Custom Printing here in Queensland or browse our website to see the wide variety of printing options. We are available to help your business cards stand out. You?ll have the freedom to choose business card size, custom colours, textures and finishes. Including varnishing, laminating and die cutting, which will be carried out by experts.


Standard (90 x 55)25$ 128.48
50$ 132.00
100$ 135.52
150$ 139.04
200$ 142.56
250$ 146.08
300$ 153.12
400$ 168.96
500$ 186.56
1000$ 237.60
2000$ 373.12
3000$ 491.04
4000$ 610.72
5000$ 711.04
6000$ 813.12
7000$ 938.08
8000$ 1,050.72
9000$ 1,152.80
10000$ 1,270.72
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Standard (90 x 55)25$ 179.52
50$ 183.04
100$ 190.08
150$ 197.12
200$ 204.16
250$ 209.44
300$ 223.52
400$ 230.56
500$ 237.60
1000$ 288.64
2000$ 413.60
3000$ 524.48
4000$ 626.56
5000$ 746.24
6000$ 860.64
7000$ 982.08
8000$ 1,101.76
9000$ 1,219.68
10000$ 1,321.76
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