350 EcoStar Uncoated 100% Recycled Board

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Businesas Cards Description - 350 EcoStar Uncoated 100% Recycled Board

350 EcoStar Uncoated 100% Recycled Board is the first of it's kind to provide an uncoated paper with the whiteness and visual appeal of non-recycled alternatives but with all the environemental credentials we care about.

White Ink
For an eye-catching and beautiful business card. White ink, with options for colour

Coloured stocks of different types and weights
Classy and unique
Perfect for line art
Stand out from the crowd

With die cutting business cards you can expect to stand out from the crowd. Outlined by a special shape, the surface texture or smooth coating come together to define you and your brand.

Premium Business Card

Our premium business card is printed on 90 x 55 mm on a range of premium stocks and are available in a range of options including;


Premium stocks
Rounded corners

Speciality Business CardElevate your Speciality Business Cards by making them shine with a metallic finish, Gold, Copper, Silver, Metallic Green, Rosegold, Platinum and more, get in touch with us to hear our full range.

Spot varnish is a beautiful way to highlight your design and to make it memorable.

At Custom Printing you can expect high quality business cards that are cost-effective.

We are business card printers. At Custom Printing you should only expect high quality business cards that are cost-effective. We really do deliver premium quality business cards in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane: in fact, we can deliver our products Australia wide.

At Custom Printing you should only expect high quality business cards that are cost-effective. We really do deliver premium quality business cards Australia wide.

Whether you run a home-based business or a larger enterprise, business cards are one of the most useful tools to have in your arsenal, offering a significantly greater return on investment compared to more expensive promotional materials. Custom Printing Services can help you design stress-free business cards that do everything you need them to.

Fast business card printing in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast and Perth. We understand that when you create the perfect business card that you want to start handing it out immediately. When you order from our printing services we will ensure you receive your business cards in days, not weeks. This is part of our dedication to customer satisfaction and why we have many happy customers throughout Australia.

Specialist Printing of Business Cards, Stickers and Labels. Fast business cards in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast and Perth. Same day business cards in Brisbane.

Uses of business cards

In a dynamic business you could be meeting potential clients all the time. Having business cards to hand out is the easiest way to make sure the right people always have your current contact details. A good business card is more than just a means of communication, however it will also be an ambassador for your brand and should represent your business accurately.

Designing your business cards

Custom Printing Services will help you design your own business cards. If you don?t already have a brand logo, or you?re looking for a change, we can help! We can create the perfect brand image for your business cards and other marketing products. If you already have a company logo, we will help you design a customised business card to match. We offer advice on what information to include or omit to ensure optimal success.

Custom Printing offers 6 different thicknesses of art board stock ranging from 200gsm to 420gsm for your visiting card printing. There are plenty of great options for you to choose from, whether you want a matt or a high gloss finish ? you decide. Any artwork or images of your choice can be added to the underside of your cards, which will give them that extra dash of the dynamic! If a consistent, simple and stylish aesthetic is what you desire, then artboard business cards are a great way to go.

Printing services

Visit us at Custom Printing here in Queensland or browse our website to see the wide variety of printing options. We are available to help your business cards stand out. You?ll have the freedom to choose business card size, custom colours, textures and finishes. Including varnishing, laminating and die cutting, which will be carried out by experts.


Standard (90 x 55)25$ 66.88
50$ 68.64
100$ 70.40
150$ 72.16
200$ 73.92
250$ 75.68
300$ 79.20
400$ 88.00
500$ 96.80
1000$ 123.20
2000$ 193.60
3000$ 255.20
4000$ 316.80
5000$ 369.60
6000$ 422.40
7000$ 487.52
8000$ 545.60
9000$ 598.40
10000$ 660.00
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Standard (90 x 55)25$ 93.28
50$ 95.04
100$ 98.56
150$ 102.08
200$ 105.60
250$ 109.12
300$ 116.16
400$ 119.68
500$ 123.20
1000$ 149.60
2000$ 214.72
3000$ 272.80
4000$ 325.60
5000$ 387.20
6000$ 447.04
7000$ 510.40
8000$ 572.00
9000$ 633.60
10000$ 686.40
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