Brochure Description
Printed brochures are an effective marketing tool useful in representing your brand and capturing the attention of its intended audience.  They can be in many places at once, helping to influence customers and prospects and in turn grow your business

We can advise you on paper stock and finishes to produce the best result for your business.  Best of all, we always aim to deliver on time and within your budget.

Watch your brochure & flyer ideas unfold

Like a purple metallic cover, with yellow font in a matt finish? No, you probably wouldn’t, but rest assured, Custom Printing are able to deliver just about anything you can imagine.

It’s unlikely anyone has been producing brochure and flyers in Australia longer than us. We can produce them in virtually size or shape, in the colours, or finish you’d prefer.

All your marketing needs in one place
Our core business is to design, produce and print business brochures like these:

DL: there are some popular combinations for the DL format including single pages printed on either one, or both sides, 4 page options or 6 page, tri-fold or gate-fold brochure.
A5: half the size of an A4, these are a good way to make a mini-book, or pamphlet.
A4: the ever – popular standard size for many brochures. Not too big and easy to mail or store, you can’t go wrong with an A4 brochure.
Brochures & flyers
We’ve been producing the highest quality brochures, flyers, postcards and other marketing requirements for businesses, large and small, for many decades now.



A simple fold in half like a book — this folding option creates two panels on each side.


The most popular option, this classic brochure fold has three panels on each side. The front panels fold in toward each other. Also called a letter fold.


Also called an accordion fold, this option creates three panels on each side, with alternating folds.

Gate Fold

A presentation-style fold, this brochure option creates two symmetrical panel doors that open to reveal a three-panel interior.

Double Gate Fold

In double gate folds there are three parallel folds. The left and right edges of the paper fold and meet in the middle, along a center fold, and are then folded again toward the centre.

Double-Parallel Fold

With this custom brochure fold the paper is folded in half toward one side, and then folded in half again in the same direction, parallel to the first fold.

Roll Fold

This is where the folding starts at one end and rolls inward into itself.

All Brochures

All Brochures